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    Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon on 5G, China, and things beyond the smartphone: an interview with 看个球app破解版

    In the 30 minutes talk, Cristiano Amon shared his views on technology trends, China's 5G and EV progress, and what else lies ahead for Qualcomm.

    China launches app inspection platform

    Zijing Fu · 2 hours ago

    It is a nationwide inspection platform capable of detecting 180,000 apps every month.

    Art toy maker Pop Mart gave European a look at Chinese IPs by opening its first store in the UK

    Aron Chen · 8 hours ago

    Pop Mart, whose art toys has become the social currency of millennials in China, make a foray into Europe with its first store in the UK

    Alipay collaborates with museums to launch tiger-themed NFTs for its annual Jiwufu event

    Zijing Fu · 18 hours ago

    Since 2016, Alipay has launched Jiwufu event every year to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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